Fall 2020


 “A Trans History of the Castrato and Soprano Voices: from (In)Voluntary Castration to Gender Affirmation,” York University’s Designing the Self conference and University of Southern California’s First Forum 2020: Passing conference. July 30th and October 23rd, 2020


 “Challenging the Intentional Fallacy in Music Analysis by Empowering the Transgender Voice,” Words, Music, and Marginalization, University of St. Andrews, September 3rd, 2020


“Sounds of Suffragism and Sensuality in Ethel Smyth’s Songs,” Gender, Women’s Suffrage, and Political Power, Michigan State University, November 19-21st, 2020

“Trans Punk Desire in Lou Sullivan’s Diaries,” Punk Scholars Network 7th Annual Conference & Postgraduate Symposium, December 16th, 2020